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Thursday, March 6, 2014


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I heard about the great AIDS debate late one winter night in 2009 while listening to the Gary Null Program on the radio in Los Angeles. I didn't understand, "HIV might not be the cause of AIDS." But I was fascinated by the account I heard on the radio program of a man who had tested positive for HIV in 1987 and never took AZT, the prescribed AIDS drug at the time, and still was alive and well today. Not only was he alive and well, but he said that his friends who took the drug AZT died because the toxicity from the drug was so high that it was the drug itself that enabled a quicker death. Then I became obsessed with the debate over whether or not HIV was really the cause of AIDS, and I knew I needed to make a documentary about it. In film school, I made a short film, narrated by Ed Asner, called "Denialism, The Death of AIDS," but not everyone understood it. It won the "Best Documentary" award at a student film festival in North Hollywood. I knew this was a topic that people would be interested in and needed to understand better, so I decided to make a feature-length documentary, and that took me about 4 more years to compile the interviews and edit the film. I got the film down to 3 and a half hours before handing it off to a production company to complete for me. I am very happy with how the film has come out. It was a labor of love, and it will inspire those who watch it and have health issues of any kind.

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