HIV is a disease– no, HIV is the virus that makes up the disease called– wait...AIDS is a virus- what? No! The “AIDS virus” has been a conundrum since its inception in 1984 as “HIV,

The Virus that Causes AIDS,” and so mysterious that few people questioned the potency of the deadliest of rampant viruses. Even still today, most people won’t doubt in their minds that AIDS is something that they want to avoid, even if by the act of luck, and not by various forms of protection. But how can one of the scariest viruses in the world be so poorly understood, and even today, so rarely mentioned as a fear in one’s life?

Nicole Zwiren, director of “Behind the Fear, the hidden story of HIV”, interviews top AIDS scientists, doctors, journalists and HIV patients regarding the science, or lack thereof, behind HIV.  “Behind the Fear, the hidden story of HIV,” delves deep into the history of how AIDS began in America and how a certain retrovirus (“LAV” or “HTLV III”) became the most infamous virus (“HIV”).

Zwiren brings up questions about HIV that are often overlooked, such as: what is the importance of the T-cell? how effective have the medications been in keeping patients alive? Nicole has been intrigued by the debate on whether or not HIV is the cause of AIDS since first hearing about the issue on the radio in 2009. Since then, she has travelled the country looking for people to interview, and filmed her experiences at the 2009 Rethinking AIDS Conference and the 2012 International AIDS Conference.

From all the footage collected, the film conveys the different perspectives of people about HIV and reveals the need for more unbiased research in order to come to a real conclusion about the deadliness of HIV.

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