Nicole Zwiren

Nicole Zwiren is a sound mixer and documentarian who graduated with her MFA in Sound Design from Chapman University. She works on independent films, webseries and television shows as an on-set and post-production sound mixer and in her spare time she sings and plays basketball. Nicole went to Chapman to learn sound and become a documentary filmmaker. She took a documentary film class in 2009 where she made a documentary called “Denialism, the Death of AIDS,” and won the award for “Best Documentary,” at the International Student Film Festival Hollywood in 2010 after attaining Ed Asner as the voiceover narrator of the film. Her latest film, “Behind the Fear, the hidden story of HIV,” is a feature-length extension of this short film. Nicole is now working on a feature-length documentary, about her sister, which is tentatively titled, “The Gods As My Friends.”

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Esther Angelica Ancrum

Esther Ancrum, born March 30, 1986, discovered her passion for filmmaking while in middle school. She enjoyed making short films with her classmates and realized that films were as fun to make as they were to watch. Her father has been in the film industry for over 30 years in set lighting. He is one of Esther's biggest inspirations because she remembers all of the wonderful memories of him taking her to the film sets he worked on when she was just a child. Esther graduated from high school in 2004 and is now enrolled in the New York Film Academy, Los Angeles, where she is learning to be a director and producer. She produced "Behind the Fear, the hidden story of HIV," as her feature documentary debut.  She intends to make more films with the director, Nicole Zwiren, who asked her to come on as a producer of "Behind the Fear..." to help keep her organized during the production of her overwhelming task at hand.

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