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Additional awards and festival selections for the film have been:
Commffest Community Film Festival (Making a Difference Award, Honorable Mention, 2016)

Cinema Los Angeles Film Festival (Best Experimental Category Overall Grand Jury Winner, 2016)
Official Selection at the Awareness Film Festival 2016

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"Here is a film that will shock you into waking up, because a scientific fraud of this magnitude isn't suppose to happen. But it has happened. The film exposes the fraud with precision. It lays it out on the table. The people who shaped the public perception of AIDS were lying all along. Those lies have led to many deaths. So this film comes as the beginning of an antidote. You should watch it several times. It will make you realize how science can be twisted and corrupted on a grand scale, with horrendous consequences. Away from the media noise, it succeeds brilliantly. Nicole Zwiren, the director, made it on a shoestring, and she outdistanced every major media operation in the world. That's quite an accomplishment."

Jon Rappoport, author of AIDS INC., Scandal of the Century

"Thoughtful take on the controversy surrounding the AIDS-HIV connection and the way an AIDS establishment suppresses the full evidence that would lead those with illness from making the most informed choices."

Jules Minton, Former Head Writer, Jeopardy

"Excellent overview of the critical view of the belief that HIV = AIDS. Great for someone who is new and curious, or who has already researched it and is looking for a refresher. Well organized, well argued, and sensitive to the victims of what many have good reason to believe is one of the biggest medical frauds of our time. "

Bryan Gracyzk, Amazon review

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