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The UNCENSORED history of HIV.

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Due to Amazon's censorship policy, our film is no longer available to watch on Amazon. Here are some of the reviews of Behind the Fear while it showed on Amazon:

"Here is a film that will  shock  you into waking up, because a scientific fraud of this magnitudevisn't supposed to happen. But it has happened. The film exposes the fraud with precision. It lays it out on the table. The people who shaped the public perception of AIDS were lying all along. Those lies have led to many deaths. So this film comes as the beginning of an antidote. You should watch it several times. It will make you realize how science can be twisted and corrupted on a grand scale, with horrendous consequences.  Away from the media noise, it succeeds brilliantly. Nicole Zwiren, the director, made it on a shoestring, and she outdistanced every major media operation in the world. That's quite an accomplishment."

Jon Rappoport, author of AIDS INC., Scandal of the Century

"Thoughtful take on the controversy  surrounding the AIDS-HIV connection and the way an AIDS establishment suppresses the full evidence that would lead those with illness from making the most informed choices."

Jules Minton, Former Head Writer, Jeopardy

"Excellent overview of the critical view of  the belief that HIV = AIDS. Great for someone who is new and curious, or  who has already researched it and is looking for a refresher. Well organized, well argued, and sensitive to the victims of what many have  good reason to believe is one of the biggest medical frauds of our time.  "

Bryan Gracyzk, Amazon review

Nicole Zwiren, director of Behind the Fear, receiving an award at Commffest in Toronto, Canada.

About the film

HIV is a disease– no, HIV is the virus that makes up  the disease called– wait...AIDS is a virus- what? No! The “AIDS virus”  has been a conundrum since its inception in 1984 as “HIV, 

The Virus that Causes AIDS,” and so mysterious that few  people questioned the potency of the deadliest of rampant viruses. Even still today, most people won’t doubt in their minds that AIDS is  something that they want to avoid, even if by the act of luck, and not by various forms of protection. But how can one of the scariest viruses  in the world be so poorly understood, and even today, so rarely mentioned as a fear in one’s life? 

Nicole Zwiren, director of “Behind the Fear, the hidden story of HIV”,  interviews top AIDS scientists, doctors, journalists and HIV patients regarding the science, or lack thereof, behind HIV.  “Behind the Fear,  the hidden story of HIV,” delves deep into the history of how AIDS began in America and how a certain retrovirus (“LAV” or “HTLV III”) became the most infamous virus (“HIV”). 

Zwiren brings up questions about HIV that are often  overlooked, such as: what is the importance of the T-cell? How effective  have the medications been in keeping patients alive? Nicole has been  intrigued by the debate on whether or not HIV is the cause of AIDS since first hearing about the issue on the radio in 2009. Since then, she has traveled the country looking for people to interview, and filmed her  experiences at the 2009 Rethinking AIDS Conference and the 2012  International AIDS Conference. 

From all the footage collected, the film conveys the different perspectives of people about HIV and reveals the need for more unbiased research in order to come to a real conclusion about the  deadliness of HIV. . 

Nicole Zwiren, winning award at the Los Angeles International Film Festival for "Behind the Fear."

The Mystique

“Behind  the Fear, the hidden story of HIV,” the feature-length documentary film  directed by Nicole Zwiren is intended to include all and any voices  regarding the etiology of AIDS and the meaning of HIV to different  people. The people involved in the documentary are HIV victims and their loved ones, scientists, doctors, journalists, and AIDS activists  providing their own input on AIDS and their own personal stories and opinions involving HIV and/or AIDS. Because HIV is said to act vastly different in each individual and in each territory of the world, factors for progression, from well-being to ill health are said to vary greatly due to genetics, different strains of the virus, environmental, toxicological and dietary reasons. When you add psychological factors into the equation, the etiology and treatment of AIDS becomes extremely complex. There has been a common thread amongst those surviving beyond 10 years with an HIV diagnosis, and that is their strong intention and decision to live. Was this a big enough factor in  helping them stay alive, though? Nowadays, there are so many new drugs with less toxicity enabling people with HIV diagnoses to have a better chance of survival.  

However, several people were able to survive because they never took  the HIV medicines that could have killed them in the early days of AIDS.  For some, the medications have been the miracle drugs that give them hope for survival, while for others, their rejection of conventional  medications seems to be their motivation to stay alive. “Behind the Fear, the hidden story of HIV,” portrays mainstream points of view on  AIDS that are conventionally recognized, and also includes those whose opinions are often suppressed or taken for granted. Some people have  turned to natural cures to rid their body of the virus, while other  scientists and doctors claim that infection due to the virus is a lifelong illness. “Behind the Fear, the hidden story of HIV,” explores science in conjunction with psychology factors in the history of AIDS  and the contention of survival despite an AIDS diagnosis. It vies for the middle voice that will bring new unbiased research to the forefront so that the unanswered questions about HIV and AIDS can be explored.

Video clips

Confronting Fauci

Why was HIV removed from the list of communicable diseases of public health significance in 2009? Fauci doesn't want you to know that it was.

Medications are toxic

what some of the people in the film say about AZT

Watch the trailer

About us

Nicole Zwiren - Director

Nicole Zwiren - Director

Nicole Zwiren - Director


Nicole Zwiren is an electrician, sound mixer and documentarian who  graduated with her MFA in Sound Design from Chapman University. Nicole went to Chapman to learn sound and become a  documentary filmmaker. She took a documentary film class in 2009 where  she made a documentary called “Denialism, the Death of AIDS,” and won  the award for “Best Documentary,” at the International Student Film  Festival Hollywood in 2010 after attaining Ed Asner as the voiceover narrator of the film. Her film, “Behind the Fear, the hidden  story of HIV,” is a feature-length extension of this short film. Nicole lives in Los Angeles with her husband Bruno Kohfield-Galeano and daughter Maya Sita Johanna Galeano. Nicole  is now releasing a feature-length documentary, about her sister, which  is called, “The Gods As My Friends.”

Esther Ancrum - Producer

Nicole Zwiren - Director

Nicole Zwiren - Director


Esther Ancrum, born March 30, 1986, discovered her passion for  filmmaking while in middle school. She enjoyed making short films with  her classmates and realized that films were as fun to make as they were  to watch. Her father has been in the film industry for over 30 years in  set lighting. He is one of Esther's biggest inspirations because she  remembers all of the wonderful memories of him taking her to the film  sets he worked on when she was just a child. Esther graduated from high  school in 2004 and is now enrolled in the New York Film Academy, Los  Angeles, where she is learning to be a director and producer. She  produced "Behind the Fear, the hidden story of HIV," as her feature  documentary debut.  She intends to make more films with the director,  Nicole Zwiren, who asked her to come on as a producer of "Behind the  Fear..." to help keep her organized during the production of her  overwhelming task at hand.

More Amazon Reviews

Nicole Zwiren - Director

More Amazon Reviews


.5 out of 5 stars An Epidemic of Truth 

June 13, 2017

Format: Prime VideoVerified PurchaseI'm  a retired hospital administrator with deep perspective on Corporate  greed in America's medical industrial complex - a growing corporatist  entity that turns science into politics. I find the conclusions and  motivations are mostly sound and - sad to say - echo the last ten of my  thirty years of experience prior to retirement.

I find those who are allowed to think and learn are more likely to become skeptics of the status quo propaganda. 

5.out of 5 stars: Hidden Story, indeed.
May 11, 2016
Thoughtful  take on the controversy surrounding the AIDS-HIV connection and the way  an AIDS establishment suppresses the full evidence that would lead  those with illness from making the most informed choices.


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Open letter to wired, uk

Re: the article that led to the banning of "Behind the Fear" from Amazon

This article:
was written which included my film "Behind the Fear, The Hidden Story of HIV"  and made reference to the rejection of the film from Amazon since the  author's sending the link to it on Amazon to Amazon. "_After WIRED sent  links to three of the films, Burzynski: Cancer Cure Cover Up, Cancer Can Be Killed, and Behind the Fear: The Hidden Story of HIV,  all three films became unavailable to stream and no longer appear in  search results, although other similar films remain online. The company  did not respond to any requests for comment._"

Since the  article is lumping my film with Cancer cure films, it is unrealistic of  them that they ever watched my film. My film does not offer any cures to  Cancer or AIDS in it and it clearly delineates in the first 5 minutes that it is about the only AIDS dissident at the International AIDS Conference of 2012 and how  he "holds up against the mainstream."

"Behind the Fear,"  shows both sides of the AIDS debate, and is not suggesting that the viewer stop taking AIDS pills if they have been diagnosed with HIV or AIDS. It starts off with one man's opinion, "There is no AIDS epidemic in the United States..." which was to hook the viewer in to the movie,  and then the voice-over explains that the man who is of this opinion is an "AIDS Dissident," someone who does not believe that the science has  proven yet that HIV is the cause of AIDS.

If the content  of the documentary "Behind the Fear," appears dangerous it is because  the fear of HIV as a deadly virus has been ingrained into us since HIV  was pinned up as the "probable cause of AIDS," in 1984. So the idea of someone questioning the science of HIV as an agent of AIDS causation is scary because it rocks the foundation of America and the rest of the world's beliefs. But the film is an accurate and uncensored portrayal of the history of HIV and how it was discovered.

I did a  lot of research in making this documentary and I believe it is an  important topic to help people see the history of AIDS through an unbiased lens so that their opinion on HIV can be understood from a more scholarly perspective. If you take away people's rights to see both sides of an argument on something as important as AIDS, then you are taking away people's rights to have healthy and invigorating discussions on topics that could help advance the evolution of human medicine. The  only way we move forward in science and history is through dialectic. The censorship of my film is stopping the advancement of our brains and our thought processes. Towards the end of the film, I encourage the viewer of my film to do his own research and be careful upon coming up with conclusions.

If the writer of this article that you published had watched my documentary the whole way through then she may have learned something about the importance of my documentary for all people who are concerned about AIDS.

Please consider redacting your article by taking my documentary's title out of it. It  has nothing to do with Cancer cures and it is not a "dodgy" documentary.  It simply shows that there are two sides to a scientific debate that has existed since the inception of HIV as the probable cause of AIDS in 1984.
Thank you very much,

Nicole Zwiren

Nicole Zwiren
IBEW Local 11, Inside Wireman
MFA in Sound Design